"Lift your head and hold it high, the Rangerettes are passing by...."


Forevers DFW Members


Facilitator - Carole Harrison Cahill, '74-'76, 35th Line

Finance - Tena Royal, '81-'83, 42nd Line

Correspondence/Forevers DFW Scholarship Contact - Barbara "Pill" Malm, '65-'67, 26th Line

Raffle/Gift Coordinators - Barbara "Pill" Malm, '65-'67, 26th Line & Patty Verhetsel Harris, '74-'76, 35th Line

Minutes & Facebook - Kit Royal Bolte, '73-'75, 34th Line

Website, Email Distribution, Mailing List - Michelle Campbell, 70th Line Mom

Cotton Bowl Healthy Snack Break - Megan Shuffle Shepard, '02-'04, 63rd Line & Mackenzie Oden, '07-'09, 68th Line

Meeting Location Coordinator - 

Decade Decision Team 

50's-Barbara York Hancock, '53-'55, 14th Line

60's-Suzy Arthur Griffin, '60-'61, 21st Line

70's-Freddie Goosby Evans, '73-'75, 34th Line

80's-Lisa McCutcheon Walker, '84-'86, 45th Line

90's-April Pickral Farmer, '98-'00, 59th Line

00's-Leighton Himes Gambill, '05-'07, 66th Line

10's-Katy Hunter, '11-'13, 72nd Line